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Mystery as someone steals Padres Gnome and takes it on a trip

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We’ll have to tune in to the Zevely Zone on CBS 8 tonight to get the full story of international intrigue, but from the video teaser below we know that someone stole a gnome and left a ransom note. Well I guess it wasn’t really a ransom note because they weren’t asking for a ransom. Instead they were just warning this Santee lady not to call the police if she ever hoped to see the gnome again.

She then started receiving message on Instagram showing the gnome on a cruise to foreign ports around the world. She has no idea who took it.

Admit it, as bad as Padres marketing has been over the last several years, if you were to find out that this was a guerilla marketing campaign devised by the Padres you’d have to tip your fedora, right?

Let’s tune in tonight!