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Padres owner still insists team will study “uniform situation”

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Padres majority owner Peter Seidler was on the Scott & BR show earlier in the week. He did a 45 minute interview and the length was a little off-putting so it took me a while to get around to listening to it. For spending so much time on the radio, he doesn’t say much of interest.

Seidler, along with many of you, was fired up by Andy Green’s “We are coming. We will not yield” speech aimed at the Dodgers. It was a big eye roller for me, like most everything Green says. Maybe save the Braveheart speeches for 3-5 years when the team isn’t being blown out by 10 runs and humiliated on the reg.

Seidler also said he hopes that All-Star Brad Hand will be a Padre for a long time, which seems to go directly against what the Padres plan, but he later admits that he isn’t in charge of the decisions.

He also places blame on the Padres marketing department for switching the radio home of the team from the powerful Mighty 1090 to the weak signal of 94.9. Again he wasn’t involved in those decisions.

Later a caller asked an important question.

I just want to know if you guys are going to bring back the brown uniforms for good?

I think we’ve stated publicly that we are going to study the whole uniform situation and ultimately — it takes a little while to change the uniforms because the commissioner’s office and Major League Baseball — you know because you have to — there’s marketing — a whole changeover timeline to it, it takes a year or two. I’ll tell you what I enjoy the Friday nights when we’re in the brown, I enjoy the Sundays when we have the military camouflage uniforms of course but if you have an opinion on it we welcome you to voice it.

Seidler has a history of terrible opinions on this subject and gives a pretty weak answer here. Giving an opinion to ownership feels like shouting into a black hole. He says that he and Fowler respond to all fan emails, but with wishy-washy answers like this, what’s the point? They obviously both have terrible taste in uniforms and can’t comprehend the history and uniqueness associated with the brown and gold colors to the organization.