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Chris Denorfia bobbleheads for sale on Craig’s List

MLB: Colorado Rockies-Media Day Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

To this day no one has solved the mystery of the 600 Chris Denorfia bobbleheads that were dumped on the street in University City. Denorfia himself was traded to the Mariners in 2014 and if memory serves there was a Denorfia bobblehead giveaway day planned later in the year. With his trade, the team was evidently stuck with 40,000 of his bobbleheads. A white van filled with 600 of them were dumped on the street. I imagine that the rest were dumped in a landfill and will be found in a few decades like Atari’s E.T. cartridge.

The guy that collected the bobbleheads off the street apparently has 76 left and the novelty of storing them in his condo has worn off. Noted bobblehead collector RJ’s Fro found that the owner is selling the remainder for $80 or $3 each on Craig’s List.

At one time they were selling for $27 each on eBay but they don’t hold their value like Beanie Babies or Cabbage Patch dolls. He should have dumped his supply while the market was bullish.

I’d still like to hear an official statement from the Padres. Did they ever take custody of these bobbleheads or were they never even delivered to the team? I want to know more, but nobody is talking.