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Jake Peavy is only interested in playing for a championship caliber team, not Padres

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Boston Red Sox Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the season there was hope from some fans that they could relive the past by signing a grizzled Jake Peavy to a short contract before his skills deteriorated any further. The Union-Tribune’s Dennis Lin sunk those hopes by communicating the Padres’ lack of interest in connecting with their past Cy Young winner. Simply put, the Padres wanted to build for the future by playing their young talent, but signed Jered Weaver in the offseason anyway.

Later that month, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick told the story of why Peavy wouldn’t start the season in uniform. There was turmoil surrounding his pending divorce of his wife and his loss of millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme. He opted to sit out and spend time with his four sons.

In yesterday’s Boston Globe article Peavy said he’s still not sure if he’ll play this season or next, but he’ll definitely play again. He does favor only playing the second half of a season so that he’ll be well rested. He liked his previous second half experiences when he free loaded his way to two World Series Championships. To that end, he also doesn’t want to play for a team that doesn’t have a shot to win him a third championship, which undoubtedly rules out the Padres.

“Peavy said that he’d only be interested in joining a team that appears to have a shot at a title.”

So I guess the feeling is mutual between the Padres and Peavy, but some fans still want that sentimental moment. I’m okay with any outcome.