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Padres and Dodgers managers ejected after scuffle on the field

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Dodgers starter Alex Wood apparently accused the Padres of relaying signs from second base during the second inning. The umpires took the field and for whatever reason warned both managers while giving them no explanation.

Then between innings the umpires attempted to fill in the two managers. Andy Green apparently said something that got Dave Roberts heated. Roberts went after him and and appeared to shove Green in the back as he walked away. The benches cleared and everyone stood around, while trying to keep Dave Roberts away from Green.

Upon closer review it appears that Green didn’t do anything physical but he has been noticeably more snarky this week in his postgame press conferences, so I can totally see him saying something that would infuriate Roberts.

Also it’s interesting how quickly the Padres rushed out of the dugout to protect Green. There was a lot of criticism of Green for not protecting his players after he refused to plunk Anthony Rizzo after Rizzo illegally bowled over Austin Hedges at the plate. There were rumors that the players were not happy with the manager’s decision. Green earlier this week denied that he had lost the clubhouse.

Dave Roberts will likely be suspended for his actions, but at least he won’t be called “soft”, I guess.