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TFHS Closer Look: 2017 Padres TBTC 80s Cap

The Padres will be rocking this classic in Philadelphia.

2017 San Diego Padres Turn Back The Clock 59Fifty
SD Hat Guy

The brown is coming back (again): once rumored by our own radio broadcaster Jesse Agler and teased through a vague leak on Lids, the Padres will indeed play along with the Phillies and wear their 1983 uniforms in Philly. On the flip side, I personally dig the Phillies maroon throwback look. The Padres, of course, should be donning the classic brown tops on the road (the Friars eschewed the traditional road gray for many years of the brown era). What will be the bigger question for uni buffs is if the Padres will be wearing the proper 1983 pullover or go with the 1984 button-up look. We’ll find out on July 7th; meanwhile, let’s check out the cap.

2017 Padres “1983” TBTC 59Fifty
SD Hat Guy

You all know the colors for this cap, so I’ll dive into details. Rather unfortunately, the New Era flag logo appears on this cap (since it is a 2017 model). This seems to be the case no matter what throwback is being worn, historical accuracy be damned...though the Wayback Wednesdays lacked the logo.

The details of the cap are otherwise spot-on for a reproduction. The split-panel front is complete with orange piping and a proper orange squatcho and eyelets. Of some interest is the actual interlocking SD: the logo itself was actually sewn thicker and bolder in 1983 than in 1984. Such a detail is otherwise a moot point outside of the general uniform; I’m just happy to see the classic 80s look reappear.

SD Hat Guy

It is noteworthy to see the MLB Batterman make an appearance on this throwback. Though it is a usual practice to see modern touches on throwback caps, I’ve been told the Phillies cap lacks the Batterman logo (which would be era-correct). The Batterman logo didn’t start to appear until the early 90s (as a glue-on) and finally fully embroidered with New Era seizing the rights to produce every MLB on-field cap in 1994.

SD Hat Guy

Referring back to modern touches, a black underbrim and sweatband complete the cap’s look (the proper colors would have been green and leather/white, respectively). Outside of the modern touches/changes, this cap is a great looking throwback to the excellent and much heralded brown era.

You should be able to find this cap at your local cap retailer if you need a fresh ‘80s era cap for your collection!