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Padres will go retro with Phillies

MLB: San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies will be turning back the clock on July 7th and thankfully it will be when the Padres are in town so they can wear some suitable uniforms that we can be proud of. The teams will be wearing their beautiful 1983 uniforms. I like these old Phillie threads but it’s the Padres who will be able to escape their soulless current uniform set for at least a day in the City of Brotherly Love.

While the Padres get in about five Wayback Wednesday games a year, it’s very rare that both teams rollback their fashion together. This should happen more often or we should just decide to live as if it were 1983 in every facet of our lives. I’d do it and I know you would too.