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Padres 0, Cubs 4: Friars drop game two in a shutout, but keep their integrity

San Diego Padres v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It wasn’t the worst loss, but at least we didn’t try to inflict damage on another player in order to win. A combination of letting runs sneak through and failing to bring runners home added up to the L. There was no added drama, the Friars took the high road, and the Cubs and their fanbase will continue to fail to see what they did wrong. Alas.

The good

Not much excitement came out of today from the good guys. Luis Torrens went 2-for-4, Chacin managed to get a hit, and Wil Myers made it to base 3 times on 3 walks. Heck, Jhoulys Chacín actually had a pretty good outing. He collected 6 strikeouts over 6 innings, allowing a home run to Anthony ‘Cheap Shot’ Rizzo and RBI-single to Addison Russell. Chacin kept things together, though, never letting an inning blow open. Ryan Buchter also threw a scoreless inning of relief.

The bad

José Torres couldn’t make it through an inning, allowing two runs - one a home run. The lineup blanked for 9 straight innings, and save for 4 batters and 5 hits, were completely lacking. The Friars racked up 9 strikeouts and groundout 14 times.

The ugly

Our good good boy, our Padre, our shining solar star, is injured.