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MLB Draft 2017 Day 3: Open Thread

A place to chat about the third and final day of Padres drafting

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to day 3 of the draft. You can think of Day 1 as the dinner meal of the draft and day 2 as the dessert, and then day 3 becomes the midnight snack. You’re wondering why you’re still hungry, you not going to get anything nearly as conventionally delicious as earlier, but dangit you are gonna find something to eat and make the most of it. Nevertheless day 3 is kind of fun to think about from a humanistic side. Nobody is counting on these kids that are getting drafted, but there are still many future major leaguers being taken today and maybe even one or two future Padres. They would all make good stories should they debut in the big leagues some day.

Last year the Padres got a glimpse of the promise from a pick from round 11 and beyond. 2011 12th rounder Colin Rea was a part of the Padres rotation in 2016. Some of you may also remember Burch Smith (2011 14th round), Tommy Medica (2010 14th round), Cody Decker (2009 22nd round), Nick Vincent (2008 18th round) and Brad Brach (2008 42nd round!!!) all of which were drafted by the Padres. The Padres also currently roster some late rounders selected by other teams: Ryan Buchter (Nationals 2005 33rd round), Craig Stammen (Nationals 2005 12 round) and Kirby Yates (Red Sox 2005 26th round). All of these guys beat the odds and got to put on major league uniforms. We will be on the lookout for next odds-beaters today.

The drafting starts today at 9 am PT.