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SD 0, TEX 11: Ouch. First shutout of 2017 is a rough one.

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Weaver does a poor job at impersonating a major league pitcher.

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. The Padres had gone 33 straight games into the season without being shut out. That’s really an impressive feat for the Friars, considering where they were just a year ago and the infamous scoreless start to that season.

There were a few factors that went into this ugly, ugly loss, but some stand out more than others.

The good

It’s hard to locate much good in an 11-0 loss. Most shutouts are the result of a complete failure across the board. Matt Szczur had his Padres debut today, not collecting anything but showing his face for the fans. Wil Myers and Cory Spangenberg had back-to-back singles in the 4th, Spangy actually going 2-for-4 the game.

The best thing though was the New Tony Gwynn statue unveiled by the City of Poway.

And if you attended the game, you were at least treated to some of that good-good magical Bobby Cressey.

The bad

Four hits all game is poor, considering your starter is hellbent on retiring from the MLB as soon as possible. In 29 at bats the Friars could only string together 3 scoring opportunities, blanking on all of them. Saving grace was that their strikeout rate was pretty low, with only 4 strikeouts all game.

Not that it mattered, but Kevin Quackenbush threw 2 innings of relief that resulted in 3 runs, where Craig Stammen allowed a run in his inning of relief from Weaver’s meltdown.

The ugly

Jered Weaver again, everybody. It will be hard to convince anybody that there’s anything left to be gained from having him in your starting rotation, tank and all. In just 3 innings Weaver allowed 7 runs of damage, all earned, giving up 2 home runs and walking 2. He took his fourth pitcher-loss and is sporting an even worse ERA.

However, as bad as the beating was, it’s still just one loss. It sucks for the fans wild enough to go to a game in the middle of a Tuesday, but the Pads will take things over to Texas to finish out the 4 game series. As it stands, we’re tied up.