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Fan hit by bat flung into the stands

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It can be a scary thing sitting so close the field of play. Hector Sanchez lost grip of his bat and released it helicoptering into the crowd. A woman sitting above the Rockies dugout was hit square in the head. She was watching the game but there was little she could do to avoid it, since it happened so fast.

The game was delayed as medics tended to the fan. Sanchez for his part was visibly upset. Earlier in the series he had caused a concussion to the Rockies’ catcher with his back swing.

During the delay fans on Twitter pleaded with the Padres to lengthen the protective netting down the foul lines.

At one point a Rockies coach collected the bat from the stands to return to Sanchez. The crowd briefly booed but Sanchez traded the bat for his backup and they cheered him. If I was in her place, I’m not sure I’d care to see that bat up close ever again.

After 10 minutes the woman was able to walk out of her seats under her own power. She had a bandage around her head and the help of medics but was giving high fives on her way out.

Afterward a strange thing happened. A fan in a Gwynn jersey, who had jumped in to her aid, was later arrested for refusing to move from his seat so blood could be cleaned up. If true, that’s a really odd time to take a stand. The park was mostly empty and there were plenty of seats nearby.

Here’s hoping the fan is okay.