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SD 3, COL 11: Padres defense takes the day off

It looked more like the San Diego Pares, no D.

Colorado Rockies v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Some games you can tell are not going to end great. Tonight was one of those. On the second game of the three-game series, the Colorado Rockies pushed back against the San Diego Padres to give the Pads a much bigger loss than the Rocks took yesterday.

The good

Yangervis Solarte will never embrace the tank. Especially when his team is down 4-0 in the bottom of the 1st. He did his best to send home a run with runners on the corners. With a sac fly, he accomplished that, just before Wil Myers was caught at second base on the sacrifice.

With the Rockies relaxed on a 10-1 lead, Erick Aybar took advantage popping off his third home run of the season, a long shot to center field. And despite a night riddled with errors and TOOTBLANs, Myers missed a line drive to the bottom of the left field wall for an RBI-double, his ninth of the season.

Cory Spangenberg was active as ever, tracking down line drives and long fly balls, rearranging chairs on the Titanic. Also, the Pads were not shut out tonight, or any game of 2017 thus far.

The bad

Errors, bad fielding, bad baserunning, bad plays. Myers was caught at second base advancing on a sacrifice fly, ending the inning almost before the run would cross the plate. In the fourth, he let a dribbling grounder shoot right past him (allowing a run to score) which rolled out to Hunter Renfroe and did that thing where he just throws the ball really hard to where nobody is (allowing a run to score.)

The ugly

Jered Weaver, wow man. In just four innings he managed to give up 10 hits, 2 of them home runs, for a total of 10 runs (5 earned.) He only struck out two while allowing himself to be otherwise shelled by the whole Colorado lineup. I almost always appreciate the levity, but this new strat ain’t working.

Get ‘em tomorrow, Perdomo!