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Padres Links for the Pre-Game

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MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Green “I think we’re trending in the right direction” | Darren Smith - Interviews | Mighty1090AM
I always feel like I'm being lectured by Andy Green. I like that even though he's jokes throughout, I think there is a little bit of him that is jealous of the attention that Buddy Black received in San Diego.

Cancer-free Randy Jones: 'I never laid down' - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Yesterday the Padres legend announced that he was cancer free. I know we were all pulling for him and it's great news to get some closure on his ordeal. With the passing of Gwynn, you realize that all our beloved stars are mortal and it makes you hold them a bit closer now.

Padres hold private workout with Luis Robert - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Cuban outfield prospect Luis Robert had a private workout with the Padres on Tuesday in the Dominican Republic but GM A.J. Preller didn't not attend. It will be interesting to see if the Pads will be willing to pay huge amounts of money to him.

The Hangover: Trevor Cahill, Developing Trade Chip | Padres Public

Trevor Cahill’s early success may make him a trade chip at the break. Teams will be interested, oh yes.

I Guess Now Trevor Cahill Is Good | FanGraphs Baseball
Cahill was a hot topic for bloggers today.