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Drone crashes at Padres game

NFL: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I had just tuned out by the time a drone crashed into the stands during the Padres game. I swear I miss all the good stuff.

I watched every second of the Friday and Saturday massacres, but when I finally decide to get off my couch and live my life I miss the highlight of the weekend. Just my luck.

Watching the video, it’s funny to me that a guy in the top row of the upper deck is paying so little attention to the game that a drone can fly up and hit him in the back. Wouldn’t you hear the buzzing of the propellers? Or is the music too loud and the conversation that good? Actually who am I kidding? I’d be hit by a drone too.

The Padres, for their part, don’t want drones flying around their games. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be a Padres owned drone from the marketing department.

One day drones will be so prevalent, the broadcast crew will ignore them like they do streakers, so enjoy this while we can.