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TFHS Special: SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation

A dream realized: here’s the long-awaited collaboration between my collective and Billion Creation!

SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation collection

What began as a couple ideas thrown around between friends has sprouted into a amazing partnership with a homegrown company and this collection of caps. This is the SD Hat Collectors x Billion Creation collection!

The SD Hat Collectors (myself, Tony Losoya and Jeff Saurwein) started toying with ideas about what we wanted to see in new Padres hat designs, as a few hat collectors are won’t to do. I decided to take a shot and send these ideas to a local company who has produced innovative and interesting Padres designs: Billion Creation. Don’t get me wrong, I fully expected a “thanks, but no thanks” in response and our renderings to remain ideas on paper.

Billion Creation said yes to every design.

We were gobsmacked and still are truly appreciative for this opportunity to make our ideas come to life. These are the designs we’ve come up with and Billion Creation commissioned to life:

In the efforts of full disclosure, we do not make any profit off of these caps. Billion Creation was gracious enough to invest in our ideas and the stock for these caps. We’re just happy that our designs are now real.

1956 PCL Padres Remix

1956 PCL Remix

Navy crown and brim
White and red ‘91-era interlocking SD
Red New Era flag

This first cap is our take on the 1956 Padres colorway with some modern touches. New Era had never produced a Padres cap with PCL colorways outside of the 1948 block S reproduction and 1936 all-black plain cap. We wanted to change that. This cap marries the 1956 white/red colorway with the ‘91 interlocking SD. The interlocking SD is “flat-stitched”, which means it does not protrude as heavily as the modern SD does. Also of note, this cap is a Low Profile design meant to mimic the style of the time. Low Profile 59Fifty caps come with a less pronounced crown and a pre-bent brim.

1956 Remix - Rear

The MLB Batterman at the rear is flat stitched to match the ‘91 era SD. Tony had the idea to have the classic interlocking SD and Batterman logos; it was an awesome idea.

1956 Remix - Under

We went with the classic kelly green underbrim to match the era’s colorway.

1985-1991 Padres “Back the Brown” Remix

‘85-’91 Remix

Brown crown and brim
White and orange ‘91-era interlocking SD
Orange New Era flag

You may recognize this cap from our “Redesigning the Padres” article. This particular cap was such a great design that bringing it to life was a no-brainer. In my head I picture this is what the Padres could have looked like in 1991 had they kept brown as the primary color and just added white to the interlocking SD. The SD on this cap is “flat-stitched” as well. This cap is also a Low Profile design. I had some reservations regarding the feel of the Low Profile, but they fit very similarly to the original 59Fifty; the brims are just slightly curved and the crown doesn’t have the visual height of the standard 59Fifty.

‘85-’91 Remix Rear

The MLB Batterman on this cap is also-flat stitched.

‘85-’91 Remix Under

The classic green underbrim also appears on this cap.

All-Star Game 2016 Remix

ASG ‘16 Remix

Brown crown w/white front panels
Orange, yellow, and brown interlocking SD
Yellow brim and squatcho
Orange New Era flag

Another design from our “Redesigning the Padres” article takes obvious cues from the awesome Home Run Derby caps and throws the interlocking SD on the front. Since the HR Derby caps were such a huge seller and looked great to boot, I wanted to give fans another opportunity to own a version of that sweet colorway. This cap is a standard 59Fifty design.

ASG ‘16 Remix Rear

The MLB Batterman is done up in yellow, orange, and white.

ASG ‘16 Remix Under

The underbrim matches the black underbrim of the HR Derby cap.

Padres “Salton Sea Birds Road” (Natural Colorway)

Salton Sea Birds Road (Natural Colorway)

Navy crown with gray front panels
Navy and white interlocking SD with green border
Green brim, squatcho and New Era flag

This colorway is originally designed as my Salton Sea Birds road colorway. You may remember my first Salton Sea Birds colorway being navy and brown. What gives? I envisioned the road cap to represent the colors of the Imperial Valley. Many outsiders believe the Valley to be primarily a desert; while true, the Imperial Valley is an agricultural powerhouse with fields of green alfalfa and blue water filling the omnipresent gray canals. The colors also mesh well with the green fauna and blue oceans of San Diego, further tying the Imperial Valley and San Diego together. You’ll see the Salton Sea Birds road cap release later this year. The colorway also makes for a fresh and interesting take on a Padres hat. This cap is also a standard 59Fifty.

Salton Sea Birds Road (Natural Colorway) Rear

The MLB Batterman matches the green, navy and white motif.

Salton Sea Birds Road (Natural Colorway) Under

The underbrim of this cap is standard black.

There is one more cap in this particular collaboration that we’re extremely excited to release. Without too many spoilers, let’s just say the colors are extremely familiar to Padres fans.

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read about our first collaboration with Billion Creation. If you would like to add any of these caps to your collection, you can order online via Billion Creation or stop by their storefront in Chula Vista. I do highly recommend paying them a visit if you’re local to San Diego; outside of our collection, Billion Creation carries an impressive selection of Padres customs. If you happen to stop by, tell them the SD Hat Collectors sent you!

We’re truly humbled to share these caps with Padres fans and with luck hope to do more unique designs in the future! Thanks again for reading!