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“Pitch” has been canceled

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2016 Summer TCA Tour - Day 13 Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The Padres themed baseball show “Pitch” has been canceled and it’s a real shame. While it suffered from more flashbacks than Dock Ellis, the show was very smartly written and overall much more entertaining than I expected week to week.

It chronicled the story of fictitious pitcher Ginny Baker who debuted with the Padres as the first woman to pitch in the Major Leagues. It handled the subject just perfectly, without being flippant or preachy and made the scenario seem believable in today’s game.

I’m thankful that the show introduced me to the talents of Kylie Bunbury who was stellar and made me realize that Mark Paul Gosselaar has legit acting chops that I initially dismissed due to his childhood years on Saved By The Bell.

I hope there’s a way to get the show picked up by Netflix or Hulu where canceled series are rebooted, but I think the partnership with Fox was unfortunately the connection to Major League Baseball. I’d have liked to have seen where this story was headed and now I’m little upset that I won’t get the chance.

Pitch canceled after one season

Co-creator Dan Fogelman also tweeted: “I was informed today that Pitch won’t be getting a 2nd season on Fox. Obviously we’re all crushed — thank you to our amazing fans and thank you to our incredible cast & crew. Loved every minute. No way around it: we took a bad hop grounder to the face today. All that said: this team put something original and high quality on TV and should be very proud of it — I certainly am of them.”