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Former Padres CEO finds new job with Entercom after “departure” from team

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today former Padres CEO Mike Dee announced that he has accepted a new position with Entercom Sports. We knew a job for him was on the horizon because he turned down the Athletic Director job at Boston College in mid-April. Now he’ll work with the company that owns the rights to the Padres radio broadcast, a deal he negotiated.

“Fired up” indeed. It sounds a bit like the Peter Principle.

Mike Dee was abruptly “departed” by the Padres last Fall for mysterious reasons that were never properly investigated or reported by the press. You can listen to the most in-depth collection of reasons in this old Gwyntelligence Podcast.

How will this news affect the Padres? I would expect that Dee’s right-hand man, Padres CMO Wayne Partello, will join him at Entercom at some point and maybe others that he installed in the Padres organization. Partello was said to be virtually incapable of disagreeing with Dee. I’d imagine Dee will need someone like that on his new staff.

Other than that, there’s the obvious intersection of Entercom and Padres Radio. Hopefully Dee’s personal touches will be light or absent altogether since he wasn’t well liked in San Diego.