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TFHS Closer Look: 2017 Padres Mother’s Day Hat

Here’s the cap our Padres will be wearing all weekend in celebration of mothers.

2017 Padres Mother’s Day 59Fifty

As has become tradition (since last year), every team in Major League Baseball will don a special uniform set during a holiday. The first holiday on deck is Mother’s Day, of course. MLB has decided to issue a change in when this uniform set will be worn; rather than just on Sunday, you’ll see these caps the whole weekend.

Graphite crown
Pink brim, interlocking SD and squatcho
White New Era flag

This year’s Mother’s Day cap is a departure from last year’s all-graphite with pink detail selection. Pink makes a grander statement as the brim color. If you’ll remember from my 2017 Special Events first look, this year’s cap is also a different material. New Era calls this “Shadowtech”, and it’s very similar to Spandex. While it won’t give your head a slimmed-down look, it is a very soft material and feels nice to the touch. Pink caps are rather hard to come by in the collecting circle, so mark this as a worthwhile pickup if you need pink in your rotation.

The MLB Batterman logo features two shades of pink as the interior colors.

The underbrim and sweatband are gray, which have become the colors du jour for Special Events caps. What’s also noticeable are the lack of interior size and authentic tags; these are now directly printed onto the rear of the sweatband itself.

You can head down to your favorite cap retailer if you’d like one of these for yourself. Typically the Mother’s Day caps do not sell as quickly as the Memorial Day or the incredibly popular Father’s Day caps.

You’ll see the Padres wear these caps all weekend against the White Sox in Chicago.