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Rangers 5, Padres 2: Brandon Maurer blows it big time

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The tank keeps rolling along.

San Diego Padres v Texas Rangers
This guy was good tonight.
Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

It’s a bizarre thing to say in the year two thousand seventeen, but Clayton Richard carried the Padres on his back today and got absolutely nothing for it. The two-time Friar tossed seven-plus innings while giving up only one run. And what did Brandon Maurer do? He gave up four runs in the ninth inning to let the Rangers walk off. So, uh, go team tank.

The offense did the bare minimum today, with Matt Szczur, Wil Myers, and Ryan Schimpf hitting three singles to score a run in the first, and Austin Hedges, Erick Aybar, Luis Sardiñas, and Manuel Margot small-balling in another in the seventh. But that should have been enough! The only blemish on Richard’s start was a leadoff homer from Mike Napoli in the eighth. But Brad Hand took over and wrapped up the inning to set Maurer up for the save.

He didn’t even get close. Shin-Soo Choo flied out to start the ninth, but then Maurer gave up three straight singles to tie the game and bring Napoli back to the plate. It wasn’t a guaranteed win for the Rangers at that point, with the winning run sitting on second, but Maurer served up a meatball right in the center of the zone and Napoli sent it over the fence.

The team is on their way to Chicago, where Jhoulys Chacin will try to lower his road ERA against the White Sox. First pitch at 5:10 PM.