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Padres shutout for the first time

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres aren’t a good team, but they have managed to avoid the plethora of shutouts of the last few seasons. In the 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons the Padres were shutout 19, 19 and 15 times respectively. Only two seasons in 1969 and 1976 were they shutout more, with 23.

The Texas Rangers pitching staff was finally able to end the Padres offense yesterday, stopping their run (and runs) in the 34th game. The franchise record was set in 1980 when the team played 43 games until being shutout in the 44th.

The Padres are currently playing their 49th season and they were shutout before their 20th game in 43 of those seasons. So making it this far, is still quite the feat.

Go Padres!

Latest Padres Shutouts

Year Game # Outcome Opponent Home/Away Runs Runs Against
Year Game # Outcome Opponent Home/Away Runs Runs Against
1980 44 L HOU @ 0 1
2007 37 L STL 0 5
1993 35 L SFG 0 3
2017 34 L TEX 0 11
2000 32 L CIN @ 0 2
Latest Shutouts of the Padres