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Padres Preview: Luis Perdomo vs. Yu Darvish & the Texas Rangers

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A.J. Griffin looked like an ace yesterday. Now the Padres face a legit Ace.

MLB: Miami Marlins at San Diego Padres
Please, Luis, save us from embarrassment.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Since yesterday, the Padres have been embarrassed by both the visiting and the home starting pitchers, then they hopped on a plane to Texas, and now they are preparing to face those same Rangers again. Today’s game opens the second half of a “two-and-two” “home-and-home” series, a concept that my brain still can’t properly justify. Regardless, the Padres are in Texas in their first interleague matchup in an AL park, so all hail the Designated Hitter.

The Padres should see a major upgrade on the mound today, as Luis Perdomo tries to do what Jered Weaver couldn’t. In yesterday’s shellacking, Weaver gave up ten runs in only three innings. Manager Andy Green needed to lean heavily on the bullpen to complete the game, so Perdomo needs to get quick outs by the bucketful to get as deep into this matchup as he can. He has yet to go more than six innings in a start this season, but his “pitching-to-contact” approach suggests that he can be efficient when his command is working. As a sinkerballer, he should be able to minimize the impact velocities that we saw yesterday. The Padres have some element of surprise, as the whole Rangers roster has only one collective at-bat against Perdomo.

After two seasons limited by injury, Yu Darvish is pitching like an ace again this season. That’s a frightening thought. Just take a look at this gif and see for yourself:

This guy is scary.

Same motion, same arm slot, same initial trajectory, and five pitches dart to opposite corners of the zone. He has somewhere between five and twelve pitches, depending on who you ask, and he commands them all very well. His fastball velocity is as high as it’s been in his career, and his breaking pitches have every bit as much bite as they’ve ever had. With the Rangers matching the Padres’ record, they’re solidly in the “non-contender” category, and therefore Mr. Darvish may be auditioning for a mid-season trade to a contender, which just isn’t fair. If he’s on tonight, we could be in trouble, folks.

On August 28th last season, Luis Perdomo threw a 99-pitch, one-run complete game. He might need to better than effort today as the Padres are facing an Ace with a capital A. Maybe the whooping they got yesterday will put some vinegar in their veins, because that was embarrassing and this Padre fan would love to see some revenge.

Start time: 5:05PM PDT
Radio: 94.9FM, 860AM (Español)
TV: Fox Sports San Diego
Online: MLB.TV