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Padres have the day off

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MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the season a baseball podcast came looking for an interview with a Padres blogger. Our own, RoyDjt took the call. When I listen to bloggers as guests on podcasts I always wonder if it’s something I’d be good at. It’s a medium I love to listen to but I just don’t think I have the knack or knowledge. I’ve mentioned before but ’ll test myself at times and I’ll listen to the podcasters question, then pause and see if I can answer the question about the Padres. In most cases it’s a mess. I remember this particular podcast started all of their team previews with the same question “What’s your favorite thing about baseball?”

This answer was one I knew. There was an interview with Phil Collins a few years ago and they asked him why he used a drum machine on his tracks when he’s known to be good drummer himself. His answer stuck in my synapses: “A drum machine is relentless. That's why I use a drum machine even though I'm a drummer. It's relentless."

That’s why I’m a baseball fan, because it’s relentless. During the baseball season, the Padres are relentless. Are you bored? Have plans? Alone? Being smothered with attention? Doesn’t matter, the Padres are playing baseball with or without your attention. There’s so much baseball, you can’t possibly take it all in, but in a way you’re not meant to. You take as much or as little as you can to fill in the cracks in your life.

It’s days like today, the off day, when the silence is deafening. It’s a drum break programmed into the schedule. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I’ve come to rely on baseball daily. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.