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Padres Preview: Changes to Petco Park in 2017

See what's new (and what's gone) at the ballpark this season.

MLB: All Star Game Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t go to Padres Fan Fest this year so in order to make sure I’m not startled to see anything new at Petco Park, I’ve combed the internets to find all the changes that nervous fans, like me, will be exposed to.


The Padres have draped new signage all over Petco Park as they do. As usual it’s all blue and the players look either angry or emo. Why so glum, chum? Let’s turn that frown upside down. The theme of the signage is clenched fists and determined stares.

Here’s emo Austin Hedges with the mask up.

Hedges Sign

And angry Austin Hedges one with the mask down. Clenched fist!

Hedges Sign Mask On

Clenched fist Clayton Richard! “How would you like a knuckle sandwich?” BTW, who is that in the back photo bombing Richard? He’s smiling!

Clayton Richard Sign

Finally some old pics of Randy Jones and Trevor Hoffman add a little bit of color to the bland pallet.

Padres Greats


The Padres announced they’ll have more local foods coming to Petco Park this year.

The outgoing

We’re losing Stone, The Patio, Firehouse Subs and Chocolat. For me they won’t be missed. I don’t think I ever visited the last two.

Stone Brewing is probably the only one you might care about. And no they weren’t dismissed by the Padres! It’s not like that! Okay?

Noting that Stone beers will still be sold at Petco, Marshall denied that the change was prompted by dissatisfaction with the Escondido-based brewery.

“Not at all,” Marshall said. “It was more of an opportunity to create more of a dining experience.”


“It’s more of a complementary situation than the term you used, ‘muscling in,’” Marshall said. “It’s more of how people are elevating an overall beer experience.”

Also the generic Mexican food stands are no more, they’re being converted to Lucha Libres.

Lucha Libre

The incoming

Carnitas’ Snack Shack

CSS, as the locals call it (me), will be located in sections 128 and 228. It will replace The Patio, which was kind of non-standard concessions, if I’m being told correctly. CSS will sell tons of pig parts. I want to try the bacon wrapped dog, but I’m going to let someone else try the “Triple Threat” first, you know, to see if they survive.

"The menu will be a mix of some existing staple items, like the Triple Threat, as well as some new items, like the Smoked Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, we are creating just for the Petco Park location."

Wonderland Ocean Pub

WOP will be in section 309 where Stone Brewing used to be. I’ve never been there but if it’s the place I’m thinking of, I was once invited to go to breakfast there, but didn’t attend, so I can’t tell you a thing about it.

Though, I hear good things.


Resident Brewing Co., Iron Fist Brewing Co. and Alesmith products will all be sold. I don’t know anything about beer. I’ve never had much use for it myself. Maybe this season that will change.


Cutwater Spirits is the new hard liquor vendor. I wish they sold Snapple in mason jars, like this.


Alesmith will be rebranding the area previously known as Club 19. It will now be called .394 after Gwynn’s own .394 batting average. Gwynn’s wife collaborated with Petco’s Chef to round out the menu. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil Soup sounds like a good ballpark food to me.

menu developed by Petco Park Executive Chef Carlos Vargas, in collaboration with Alicia Gwynn. Featured items will include .394 Chop Salad, Midsummer Classic Mac & Cheese, Pulled BBQ Pork Fries, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil Soup, Tony's Chicken Tenders, Crispy Fried Chicken Plate, Open Face Turkey Sandwich and Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Sharp Nursing Suite

I’d have called this area Sharp’s Second Base Suite. I don’t know where this is located and it’s probably for the best. Still that’s a nice feature for mothers and babies alike. Here’s a picture of a big boob, the Mayor, posing.

Hall of Fame

We won’t be seeing the finished product until late summer, but we’ll probably see some construction while the Breitbard Hall of Fame relocates its plaques to Petco Park. I hope they have more planned for the Padres Hall of Fame.

Anything else I’m missing? Get in the comments and let me know.