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Padres Preview 4/26: Trevor Cahill vs. Zack Godley and the Arizona Diamondbacks

Padres need a win tonight for a chance of a split series.

MLB: Miami Marlins at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We’re roughly 13.6% of the way through the season already, so it’s not too early to jump to some conclusions. The Padres have played the Diamondbacks five times already, and it’s clear that this opponent is a much better team than we’ve seen in recent years in Phoenix. It’s also clear that the Padres team has been what we thought they would be - talented enough to give us exciting moments yet flawed enough to lose a whole lot of games.

One of the bright spots for the Padres so far has been Trevor Cahill. The veteran is re-establishing himself as a starter and is off to a nice start this season. He’s generating more swings-and-misses with the sinkerballer stuff he brought with him from Chicago, and he’s added a slider to his repertoire that’s been just as effective.

Cahill played for the Diamondbacks from 2012-2014, which was his last stretch as a starter before becoming a swingman in Atlanta. Today’s start will be his first against his former team in a Padres uniform, and you can bet he’ll be eager to show his former franchise what he’s got.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Washington Nationals
I don’t know much about Zack Godley, but his sock game is decent.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Today’s starter for the Diamondbacks is their other Zack G, Zack Godley. He’s taking Shelby Miller’s turn in the rotation as Miller is dealing with an elbow injury. Godley spent much of the 2016 season with the D-Backs, but was in their AAA affiliate to start this year. Godley brings a junkballer’s kit, featuring a slider and a filthy curveball that generates a ton of swings out of the strike zone. If you’ve been watching the Padres at all this year, you’ve seen a lot of hitters expanding the zone and chasing pitches that they have no chance of hitting hard. Today’s lineup will be tasked with trying to get a read on Godley’s ungodly breaking stuff so they can find some good pitches to hit.

Today’s game is the third of a four-game series. Arizona won the first two games, so the Padres need a win today to have a chance to split the series against the division leaders. Monday’s loss was nearly a comeback win, but Tuesday was tough to stomach. Maybe Cahill can settle the D-Backs offense down and soothe the heartburn of the last two nights.

Game Time: 6:40 start PDT.
Radio: 94.9FM, La Poderosa 860AM (Sp.)
TV: Fox Sports SD, MLB Network