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Nate Colbert threw out the Padres’ 1984 ceremonial first pitch in full uniform

Nate Colbert in 1984

On Sunday morning I wanted to watch some Padres baseball but the game didn’t start until 1:40 pm. I went to YouTube and searched for an old Padres game I could watch while I waited. I quickly decided on Game 5 of the 1984 NLCS and casted it to my TV. This was the often forgotten game after Garvey’s heroic home run. We watched it together a few years ago, but I could use a repeat viewing.

The thing that instantly caught my attention, that I missed last time, was at the 9:09 minute mark when Padres Hall of Famer Nate Colbert came out to throw the ceremonial first pitch. As you may know he played with the Padres from their inaugural season in 1969 until 1974, leaving only club records in his wake. He retired from the game in 1976. The part that impressed me was that here he was 8 years later and he threw out the pitch in a full 1984 Padres uniform. Present day players may come out wearing a suit, or at most a current or throwback jersey. Nate Colbert went all the way. How fantastic is that? I’ll answer that for you, “pretty fantastic”.