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Wil Myers writes on a whiteboard

MLB: San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Wil Myers tried to inspire the team with this whiteboard message: “At least you are not in the PCL... You are in the Show”. Wil told the UT’s Annie Heilbrunn his reason for writing it. Just sounds like a player trying to do things in the clubhouse that he thinks a leader would do if they had access to a whiteboard.

Andy Green explained to Darren Smith what Myers was trying to say, was to be grateful. He was telling his teammates not to complain about arriving at the airport at 3am. It could be worse, they could be in the minor leagues. The Padres players have a lot to be thankful for and they need to carry that attitude with them every single day. Green says Wil is a “glass overflowing guy”.

To me this is a non-story, there’s nothing to gossip about and I wouldn’t be writing about this now, if Green didn’t say he wanted this kind of thing not to become a story. So now it’s a story, at least here.

“It is incredibly important that that attitude is cultivated within the clubhouse from the players. My personal take is like I’m not inclined to want to put messages up where media is going to see it and it looks like it’s some grandstanding type message or looks live everybody else can start to dissect what we are saying internally in the clubhouse. I’d love for those things to stay in house. When they don’t, I’m more than glad to talk about them but there’s places in the clubhouse where you can put stuff up where it doesn’t become a story outside the clubhouse. That would be my encouragement to Wil from this one.”