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FanPost Friday: Cycle Edition

MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday! It’s that time again to give your fingers some exercise by writing some fanposts and sharing them with all of us at Gaslamp Ball!

We’re now 11 days into the 2017 season and we’ve already experienced what may possibly go down as the most exciting Padres moment of the year: Wil Myers hitting for the cycle. I chronicled my own account of the event as seen through my eyes, and now I want to hear from the rest of you. Where were you and what were you doing when the cycle happened? Did you get to watch it live? Or were you otherwise occupied at the time? If so, how did you find out about it initially - through a friend, social media, or by surprise when you were watching a replay of the game?

Also, how did your experience of Myers’ cycle compare to that of Matt Kemp’s cycle back in 2015? Were you like jbox, watching the game from the same spot both times? Did you miss the first cycle and get to watch this one live, or vice versa?

All the links to help you get going can be found below, but as always you can reach out to me on Twitter or through email (jodes0405@gmail) if you have questions or need any further help. Happy writing!

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