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MLB Announces 2017 Special Event Uniforms

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This year’s theme? Lots of heather.

This year’s Special Event looks.
Chris Creamer -

In what has become a yearly tradition, MLB has announced their lineup of uniforms for Special Events and holidays. It’s sort of an interesting holiday for myself, as I get to see what caps I’ll be picking up this year. Let’s dive in! All photo content is courtesy of our friends at - Chris Creamer always does an amazing job at compiling all the images for each team. I highly suggest checking out his article if you want to get into the details for each uniform set.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2017
Chris Creamer -

MLB announced that each team’s special uniform set will be worn for the entire weekend of the holiday; this year’s Mother’s Day set will be worn on the 13th-14th of May for the Padres facing the White Sox in Chicago. The away set gets the pink treatment in lieu of last year’s navy digital camouflage.

Chris Creamer -

Almost every cap this year will feature what New Era calls “Shadowtech”, which is essentially a spandex-like material that lends a heather’d look to the cap. This year’s Mother’s Day cap will feature a pink/black/white logo, pink squatcho and brim with a graphite crown.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2017
Chris Creamer -

Rumor had it that MLB would be ending the licensing for the Marine digital camo and that seems to have come to fruition in this year’s Memorial Day set. The Padres are both on the road and home for the 3-day weekend (against Washington and then home versus the Cubs).

Chris Creamer -

The biggest change is in the cap: an drab green crown is matched up to a woodland brim. Along with an olive/black logo, the cap will feature embroidered stars (or leaves in Toronto’s case) on the wearer’s right.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2017
Chris Creamer -

The Padres will spend Father’s Day on the road in Milwaukee this year, so the away uniform gets the powder blue treatment.

Chris Creamer -

The Father’s Day cap does not follow the exact color format of the Mother’s Day cap; instead, powder blue will be featured on the crown and graphite on the brim and squatcho. This cap also features the “Shadowtech” spandex material.

4th Of July

4th Of July 2017
Chris Creamer -

The Padres are both home and on the road with a day off on the 3rd. The uniforms aren’t much of a departure from last year’s look, though the alternate navy uniform looked fantastic with the red/white/blue SD.

Chris Creamer -

This year’s 4th of July cap will be blue crown/red brim for the National League and red crown/blue brim for the American League. The same “Shadowtech” spandex material is used with the biggest change being in the logo; New Era calls this “LiquidChrome”. While it does provide an interesting look to the cap, this writer is not a fan. The logo looks to be glued to the cap.

All Star Game/HR Derby/Media

2017 All-Star Game HR Derby Uniform/ASG Cap
Chris Creamer -

Orange and teal will be colors du jour for this year’s All Star Game in Miami:

All-Star Game HR Derby uniforms
Chris Creamer -

Much to my relief, the leaked images from MLB: The Show were somewhat wrong. The HR Derby uniforms will be teal and orange. Whichever All-Star the Padres will be fortunate to send will be donning orange.

Chris Creamer -

The HR Derby/Media cap will feature an interesting new material; it’s somewhat similar to the Diamond Era used in the Spring Training caps but is purported to be much lighter and more breathable. The biggest pop of Miami resides in the underbrim:

Chris Creamer -

The underbrim and sweatband will feature this floral pattern.

Chris Creamer -

This year’s All-Star Game caps won’t be much different from last year’s. Instead of a graphite brim for every team, a primary color will make up the entirety of the “Shadowtech” cap. The metallic gold star eyelets also make a return, with the newest addition being a gold squatchee to the top of the cap.

Here’s a look at the entire San Diego set. What do you think?

Once again, my biggest thanks to our friends at for all the inside information and picture breakdowns. Check out their write-up on every uniform to get the details on socks, jersey patches and more.