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Travis Jankowski played an actually decent April Fools prank at Padres Fan Fest

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I used to enjoy April Fools' Day when I was a kid, but these days it's just not my thing. I don't know if it's because I've seen so many mean-spirited pranks over the years, or whether it's because the whole thing has turned into a contest to see which brand can be the most cutesy, but I honestly dread it. That said, I was surprised when I saw a video released by the Padres depicting outfielder Travis Jankowski pulling a prank which I didn't find sigh-worthy.

The scene of the crime was the team store at Petco Park during the annual Padres Fan Fest. Jankowski disguised himself as a store employee, donning thick-rimmed glasses and a polo shirt, and tucking his trademark hair up into a hat. From then he proceeded to... you know what, just watch it. It's only a couple minutes.