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Andy Green tells story of vomiting on the field, media eats it up

MLB: San Diego Padres-Media Day Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

As you know the Padres played their minor league affiliate Lake Elsinore Storm team at The Diamond yesterday. I was listening from home because a drive up to Riverside County seemed like a beating. Reading Twitter tales of traffic on a Friday during rush hour only confirmed it and made me thankful to be laying on my bed snuggled up with my MLB app.

The radio broadcast mentioned the story of a young Andy Green vomiting on the field during his playing days. It sounded like a fake story that Green was telling to further endear himself to the San Diego media, that love him so.

“The right fielder went underneath me,” Green said Friday before the Padres beat the Storm 4-2 on the same field, nearly a decade and a half later. “He hit (his head) kind of in my sternum area and I ended up vomiting on the field.

“The only time I’ve ever vomited on a baseball field was this field. There’s little pieces of me out there. So it’s good to be back.”

Now listen as the smooth talking manager has the San Diego Media eating out of his hand. You can believe it if you want, but I’m going to remain overly skeptical of everything he does. I mean, I can’t find any stories from 2002 about his baseball boag. I’ve looked for over a minute and a half too.