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Current Padres owners are listed as Top 20 Padres of all-time

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Long time Union-Tribune beatwriter and current Padres media employee Bill Center has been working on his Top 100 Padres list for some time. Today’s entry is INSANE. Let me first say that I like and respect Bill. He’s been following the Padres since their PCL days. He has a lot of great knowledge but he just put current owners Ron Fowler and Peter Seidler in the Top 20. The. Top. 20. Padres. Of. All. Time.

These two have only known failure since coming to Petco Park. They are peddling the same vision that other executives formulated and they’ve only been following this vision for all of 6 months. Even if this vision proves fruitful it is far too early for either of them to crack the Top 100, let alone 20. What reason could Bill possibly have for ranking them this high besides just sucking up to the suits?

Together, Fowler and Seidler have pointed the Padres toward a better future while overseeing a number of upgrades at Petco Park.

Who’s to say if this is the right direction? And upgrades to Petco Park? Really? Slow your roll Bill. I’m so scared that Mike Dee is going to end up on his list somehow.

Let’s rate the Top 100 Padres for ourselves. I’ve put all of Bill’s entries into the site and added some others. You can add your own to the list too. Compare players and vote. Vote for as long as you want, it’s never ending. The more you vote the better the FULL results will be.