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FanPost Friday: How would you “fix” baseball?

We all love baseball, but maybe some things can be improved upon.


Yesterday, Major League Baseball and the Players Association announced a set of new rule modifications to be put into place this season. If you haven’t read up on them yet, roydjt has a sums them up nicely here.

Since taking over as MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred has been trying, in his own way, to make baseball more appealing to a wider audience, mainly by trying to speed up the pace of play. This year, as announced officially yesterday, the four-pitch walk is being eliminated. Manfred also wants to raise the strike zone in an attempt to generate more offense. Whether or not these changes (or proposed changes) will actually make baseball more “likeable” remains to be seen, but everyone surely has their own opinions on it.

And that is what I’d like to hear about today for FanPost Friday. What are your thoughts on yesterday’s announced rule changes, and any other changes that have been proposed by Manfred or anyone else? If you were commissioner, what would you do (if anything) to change the current state of baseball? And how might those changes affect the Padres specifically? Or maybe you think the game is perfect the way it is - feel free to write about that too!

If you need some ideas to get you started, Roy posted his own take on this topic this morning. I’m excited to see what else you guys have to say!

As always, here’s our handy FanPost guide to get you started, and you can always reach out to me via Twitter (@jodes0405) or email ( if you have any questions.

Happy writing!