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Padres split squads get split decision

The Padres played the A’s and Rockies today! ...or so I was told.

San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Rumor has it that there were two Padres games today, but neither was televised so nobody outside of Peoria can bear witness to verify the hypothesis. Still, there are box scores and I have hope that some relatives of the Zapruder family attended the games so footage may some day come to light.

Split Squad A: Padres beat Athletics, 5-0

Trevor Cahill started the game and pitched two innings, the only blemish being a walk against three strikeouts. The team shutout was achieved by Logan Bawcom, Craig Stammen, Carlos Fisher, Jose Torres, Christian Bethancourt, and Phil Maton. Of particular note was Bethancourt’s efficient 11-pitch inning, inducing one ground ball and two flyouts. Thanks to Dennis Lin, there is video evidence that this actually happened:

Travis Jankowski collected two hits, starting the game off with a long double and knocking a single up the middle in the third inning to score Jose Rondon. He also notched his first TOOTBLANkowski of the year, getting caught stealing shortly thereafter. Wil Myers hit a solo shot in the 4th, but the rest of the starting lineup was relatively quiet.

The shift change at the top of the 7th corresponded with a fit of wildness on the part of A’s pitcher Tucker Healy, who walked Jabari Blash, Luis Urias, and Ruddy Giron. Blash scored on a wild pitch before Healy could work out of the jam. Blash would come up again in the bottom of the 8th with one on, and he hit an opposite-field two run homer that literally caught fire as it leapt off his bat. Until you can show me a video that proves otherwise, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Split Squad B: Rockies beat Padres, 3-1

Not to be outdone by Jankowski’s double, Manuel Margot led this game off with a triple. This time we get to thank Chris Kusiolek for recording this play for posterity’s sake. Margot would score the lone Padres run on a Carlos Asuaje groundout. He also one-upped the TOOTBLANkowski by being picked off at first, so let’s call it a wash. Margot’s was the only extra base hit and only run of the game for the Padres, and the team was held to only three hits.

The pitching staff held up admirably. Starter Paul Clemens gave up one run in three innings’ work, and Cesar Vargas’ two runs over 1.1 innings was all Colorado needed to secure the win. Matt Magill, Jason Jester, and Buddy Baumann held the Rockies scoreless for the final 3.2 innings of the game.

Let the kids play!

Today we saw a bunch of minor leaguers come from the back lots to get a piece of the game action. Well, those in attendance got to see them, the rest of us just get to make conclusions based on box scores, but you get the gist. Among the kids that got into today games were the following: Buddy Reed, Nate Easley, 17-year-old Eguy Rosario, Jorge Oña, Josh Naylor, and Ruddy Giron. All of these kids are at least a couple of years away from any MLB service time, but they got a taste of the action today.

According to, the Padres will face the Colorado Rockies tomorrow at 12:10PM, with Paul Clemens starting for the Padres and Tyler Chatwood taking the mound for the Rockies... only they pitched today. Tune in tomorrow (if you can) to see who will actually be playing! Baseball will be happening!