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Padres unlikely to sign Jake Peavy

Cincinnati Reds v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Mighty 1090’s Craig Elsten had the Union-Tribune’s beat writer Dennis Lin on to talk about the Padres as they head into Spring Training. Lin started rumors in December that the Padres had shown interest in signing former Padres 2007 Cy Young pitcher Jake Peavy which excited some fans and Craig in particular.

Craig asked Lin when it was going to happen at the 8:15 mark and Lin broke the news that it’s not:

“I’m sorry to say I don’t think it’s going to happen at this point. I know he’s a big topic of interest. I don’t think there’s 100% certainty that he’s not going to be signing in San Diego, but I think right now where they are they have at least 9 guys to compete for 5 spots and if you’re going to add someone they really want to be sure that that guy is not really taking away from someone else’s opportunity.

With respect to Jake Peavy he’s 35 and still has a high spin rate if you subscribe to that sort of thing. He thrown in the upper 80s and obviously had a bad season last year and I don’t think that the Padres subscribe to the whole ‘Jake Peavy is going to put fans in the seats’ theory at this point in his career as some people do. They might be content to go to Spring Training with what they have. I think at this point if they add someone, Jered Weaver or Doug Fister, guys like that would be more likely. Guys they think have a little bit more left.“

Lin also said the team is still 3-4 years from being competitive and while their current activity appeals to some fans who care about prospect rankings, defensive shifts and going on, it’s not for every one. The Padres are trying to sell fans on being part of the First Wave of talent, which Lin admits sounds a cheesy, but it’s all they have right now.