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Talking Padres with The Sports Zone

MLB: Spring Training-Los Angeles Angels at San Diego Padres Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Gaslamp Ball’s de-facto media representative, Roydjt, was asked last week to be a guest on NBC Sports Radio 1060 in Arizona this afternoon. He talked with host Bob Kemp about all things Padres as they prepare for Spring Training. It’s so nice having someone like Roy who actually follows the Padres closely and is well spoken to boot. I’m neither of these things.

I always like listening to these interviews and asking myself if I could answer these questions quickly if I had to. There’s no way this time around because I have not been following the Padres Prospects as much as I should. I’d have made fake static noises after the first question and hung up. Fortunately, by listening to Roy I learned a few things.

Take a listen to the resulting Podcast and be proud.