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Padres Announce 2017 Spring Training Caps; More Of The Same

While some teams decided to innovate with their Spring Training look, the Padres stood pat.

2017 Padres Spring Training Cap
MLB Shop

In what has become sort of an annual tradition, MLB announced the release of this year’s Spring Training collection. Many teams take advantage of the extra opportunity for a cap and bust out the backlog of logos to slap on a Diamond Era cap.

2017 Spring Training Caps

As you can see, the Yankees...did a thing with their visors. The Mariners brought back the trident for a great looking cap, and the World Champion Cubs are donning the angry cub logo this spring.

The Padres?

2017 Padres Spring Training Cap
MLB Shop

The Padres decided to stay with the white split panel design. Notice the side patch, however. This year the patch will make the migration from the wearer’s left to the right to make room for the New Era flag. Also, this year’s patch is a different color...which would have looked great on a brown Pads cap. Other notable details include a gray underbrim, sweatband and interior taping detail. The gray accoutrements are very similar to last year’s Spring Training cap:

2016 Spring Training Cap

The difference in this year’s will be the inclusion of gray on the underbrim. No word yet if the interior will include the same trappings as this version did; I would guess it will. UPDATE: fellow SD Cap Collector Tony Losoya says the interior is plain.

It seems that my prediction last year about MLB pushing out new caps every year was correct.

If you’re interested in seeing a few more new Spring Training caps, head over to our friends at and get your fill on all the changes.