My Ideal Day At The Ballpark

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

I like to get to the park early. And by "early" I mean "early enough to see something interesting I would have missed if I showed up right on time". Things like the groundskeepers working, opposing players warming up, long toss. Having time to visit the Gwynn statue. Walk a full lap around the park to take it all in before getting a beer.

My two requirements for the day to be considered ideal:

1. I buy a beer, and take it to my seat. I sit down. I look around and appreciate how lucky I am to be there. Then I take that first big GULP of beer.

2. Standing and singing the national anthem.

Anything that happens after that is icing on the cake. Padres winning with dominating closer performance is nice. And I love when it goes into extra innings.

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