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Quiz: Can you identify the Padres from their pictures?

MLB: San Diego Padres-Media Day Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

I was listening to the Darren Smith show last week and Marty Caswell asked him if he thought he’d be able to recognize any of the Padres’ relatively unknown players when they ventured out to Peoria this week. I sure as hell wouldn’t recognize 95% of them.

Not only are all these players young and unknown, but since dumping cable and relying solely on the radio broadcast I am completely out of the loop. I’m bad with names and faces as it is, but I really only see the player’s mugs when they are on the Petco Park scoreboard or in the peripheral media.

I noted this last season as well and hoped Jesse and Ted would do me a solid.

Anyway, for some reason I can’t embed this particular quiz, so just click the link below and let me know how you do. There are both players and coaches, so settle in and do your best. You only need to enter their last name. You can skip the ones you don’t know.

Take the Quiz!!