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Padres Puppy Cuteness in the Dominican Republic

U.S. Border Patrol Steps Up Efforts In Puerto Rico Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I don’t know about you but I needed some morning cuteness. The Union-Tribune’s Bryce Miller is in the Dominican Republic presumably doing a story on the Padres facility there. I look forward to finding out if that beautiful facility that’s been there over a decade is ever going to produce any prospects.

While Miller’s pictures of the locals playing baseball are inspiring, so far the best story to come out of his time is about a puppy that he and photographer John Gibbons rescued from traffic.

Miller clarified that Gibbons ran out in traffic to rescue the pup after he fell off the back of a truck. I wish they could bring Friar back to Petco Park so we can play with him.

But there is a happy ending, a woman at Padres complex agreed to adopt little Friar and give him the home he always dreamed of.