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FanPost Friday: Baseball traditions

Which baseball traditions do you love or hate?

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Diego Padres Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Good morning, Gaslamp Ballers! Today we continue our weekly (new) tradition of FanPost Friday. Last week we heard all about your first baseball memories. It was wonderful reading everyone's take on the prompt and learning about all the different ways people got into baseball and/or the Padres. Thank you all for not making our first FPF a failure!

This week, we're gonna talk about traditions. Baseball is a pastime that's full of them. They range from little ones like having a hot dog at a game or players eating sunflower seeds in the dugout to larger-scale traditions like flyovers before a ballgame or trips to Spring Training every year.

As for my favorite traditions? I love meeting up with fellow Gaslamp Ballers and #PadresTwitter folks in the fourth inning of a game at Petco Park. I love going to the Tony Gwynn Opener every year that I can. I love seeing the ballpark decked out in bunting during Opening Week. I love posting rally unicorn pictures in the game threads and proclaiming "WBHITFB!!" after a win.

Now it's your turn. For this week's FanPost Friday, tell us about some baseball traditions you like (or maybe some you don't like). They can be universal ones, like singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch. Or they can be more personal ones that you or your family and friends partake in. Maybe you'll find that your own traditions are the same as others, or maybe you'll read about someone else's traditions and decide to do them for yourself.

Comments in this post will be CLOSED this time around (and in all future FPF topic posts), but if you need help or have any questions about writing your fanpost, shoot me a DM on Twitter or an email at

Happy writing!