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Tony Gwynn wasn’t a fan of Mike Dee

MLB: All Star Game-All Star Futures Game Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I was just thinking about how things might have been different had Hollywood Producer Thomas Tull purchased the Padres instead of the Seidler group. Tull’s bid was rejected pretty early on by John Moores. In my mind, everything would have turned out perfectly.

The ownership would have had Tony Gwynn’s blessing. The team wouldn’t have wasted years rebuilding and they’d already be in the playoffs, closing in on a championship. The Padres executives and ownership wouldn’t be so consistently annoying. Padres players would be proud. The team would value its fans. The Padres would be wearing brown. But maybe the best part would have been that former President Mike Dee never would never have been hired and made a mess of the team, just because Chairman Ron Fowler recommended him.

Yesterday that last part about Dee was confirmed by Tom Krasovic in his meandering tale of the Padres ineptitude.

The whole read is rather good, but I’ll just focus in on this part.

Know this: Tull never would’ve hired Dee so long as Gwynn had a say.

Suffice that Gwynn wasn’t a Dee fan when the two worked for the Padres in the late 1990s.

Now as I said on Twitter, it’s not like Gwynn saw something in Dee that the rest of us missed, he just saw it a lot earlier because he knew him a lot longer. If only Fowler was the same judge of character.