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The Celebrate SD Rally was okay

Jonny and I were planning to go to the Celebrate SD Rally on Saturday just to see what it was all about, but the morning mist, lukewarm Twitter reviews kept us away for a time. Around noon-ish, I finally got going with plans of meeting Jon downtown. The whole idea of rallying behind San Diego’s current sports teams in the wake of the Chargers leaving was fine by me, but I didn’t really see how a rally was going to help when all the teams are at depressing lows except, I guess, the Gulls and SDSU football.

I arrived in Petco Park’s backyard, the Park at the Park, just before one o’clock. At the gates there were out of free SD caps but I got a rain check that I’ll probably never cash. There was a pretty decent crowd, similar to a pre-game BeerFest. I took a seat on the grass and readied myself for the speeches.

Ted Leitner was the Master of Ceremonies. One of these days I hope the Padres put him in their Hall of Fame. I’m not sure what they are waiting for.

Chairman Ron Fowler, I think, was next. He made a statement but it was more in the way of fashion, stating clearly that he will forever be all in with dull blue and white uniforms.

He looked a little too much like a Dodger for our liking.

At some point Padres Manager Andy Green got up to talk. I think I was the only one that rolled my eyes. I cannot warm up to him. He’s only been here a year, so him telling me how great San Diego is made me think of Jules telling Jimmy how good his gourmet coffee was in Pulp Fiction.

Candice Wiggins was probably my favorite part. She’s from San Diego and just moved back the day prior. I absolutely loved her outfit and energy. I used to have that same shirt, but she looked better in it than me.

Trevor Hoffman came out to close the rally to Hell’s Bells, which was good, but I had already grown a bit bored by that point. I left about halfway through to meet Jon outside. I don’t think I missed too much.

The rally was ok, I wasn’t as pumped as some fans. It left me yearning for a proper February FanFest, more than anything, but Monster Truck rallies have made their absence too profitable.