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Fox Sports San Diego mixing up their rotation

Cincinnati Reds v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

It was officially announced this week that Fox Sports San Diego Sideline Reporter Julie Alexandria will not be returning to the Padres broadcasts for this season. It’s a shame that the FSSD sideline reporters are basically treated as disposable at this point, while you know their male counterparts in the booth will be here forever, which is a bit too long for my liking. Look at the turnover in the last 5 years.

It’s a shame that more isn’t done to keep these talents. Plus they are usually the most fan friendly and willing to answer questions and interact on Twitter during broadcasts and even the offseason. Which is more than I can say about their colleagues.

I cancelled my cable prior to her arrival so I only rarely saw Julie on the actual broadcast, but I’d see her in replay clips and she had a social media presence that made her quite popular with fans.

If any good news has come of this it’s that longtime broadcaster Bob Scanlan may end up on the broadcasts again. Scanman is about as passionate about the Padres as they come.

The Padres have looked at internal options to fill the sideline role. Bob Scanlan, a multimedia analyst for the team, has been discussed.

I could use a gulp from a tall drink of water like Scanlan. He’s always willing to chat baseball with fans in person or in the digital space.

Speaking of social media and digital content, FSSD let Multi Media Journalist Brie Thiele’s contract expire as well, which sucks. As weird as it sounds Brie was one of the old guard at FSSD.

Her videos with fans were some of the best content that FSSD produces. I mean how could we forget this, this , this and this? Think about it, when was the last time you rewatched old clips of Mike Pomeranz with such delight? Never.

Lisa Lane announced that she has joined FSSD’s digital team at about the same time. Lisa did good work with the Prep Pigskin Report on KUSI.

I’d say a dream scenario for this iteration of FSSD’s lineup would be to push Pomeranz and Sweeney to the postgame show. Scanlan could do pregame and sideline. The booth would be for broadcasters only. I’d like to see FSSD to put a “Max Occupancy 2” sign on the broadcast booth and let the broadcast breathe. Mark Sweeney squeezing into the booth mid game stresses me out. While he has solid baseball knowledge he’s a bit too chatty for my liking when combined with Mark Grant and Don Orsillo.