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FanPost Friday: Your earliest baseball memory

How were you first exposed to baseball and/or the Padres?

A's v Padres Photo by Jed Jacobsohn\Getty Images

Welcome, Gaslamp Ballers, to our first official FanPost Friday! Each Friday, I'll be posting a question/topic/prompt for YOU, our beloved readers and community members, to answer in the form of a fanpost. This is something I've been meaning to start up for a while and I'm finally getting around to doing it. It's an idea that's been growing amongst the SB Nation team sites, and something I think would be awesome here at Gaslamp Ball.

For those who don't know, before I got my name on the GLB masthead I was a commenter on this blog just like many of you; and before that, I was a reader and lurker just like even more of you. Our fanpost section is so near and dear to my heart because it's where I got my start, and really what ultimately led to my decision to study journalism and media in college. Also because I feel it's such a great way for our community to voice our opinions, engage in conversations, and most of all get to know each other.

I don't expect everyone to come away from these with a heightened or newfound love for writing, nor do I expect it to transform our community in some big way. Hell, I don't even know if anyone will want to participate. But I hope it's appealing to at least a few people every week, because I truly love reading our fanposts and seeing what you guys have to say.

Now, without further ado (and if you actually read all of that rambling up there, WG bless you), this week's topic is your earliest baseball memory. It's pretty straightforward, but you can take it wherever you want. Tell us the first experience you associate with baseball, whether it was playing catch with a parent or older sibling, watching or attending a game, or learning about it from a friend. It can be Padres-related or not, and it can be negative or positive or a little of both. How old were you and who, if anyone, introduced you to this beautiful game, and how does that experience resonate with you today?

Of course, if you're not feeling this topic or any future FanPost Friday topic, write about whatever the heck you want (though do please try to keep it Padres/baseball/San Diego related).

If you need help getting started, check out Gaslamp Ball's official FanPost Guide for tips/instructions. And this time around I'll be leaving the comments on this post open for any questions, comments, or concerns (any of which you can also address in an email to me if you'd prefer). In the future, I'll close the comments and you guys can just get straight to writing.

Have fun!!