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Padres Uniform Survey 2017

I want your opinion on what the Padres should do for their uniform set.

It was announced during the recently held Padres Social Summit that Ron Fowler and the Padres will once again dive into the ether and research possibilities on new uniforms for the Padres. Such a change won’t be implemented until the 2020 season, however. While MLB is quick to offer up different uniforms for special events and holidays, the league requires teams to wait at least 2 years per uniform change and the Padres have already announced a special uniform for their 50th anniversary in 2019.

You may recall the furor that surrounded this previous season’s uniform reveal. After a 2016 All-Star season that featured a breath of fresh air with yellow added as a tertiary color, the Padres revealed a 2017 uniform set that featured a simple navy and white colorway.

Our own Jodes reported on the words straight from Fowler’s mouth:

Another caveat thrown into the mix was the admittance that Ron Fowler didn’t have access to the uniform research conducted by the Moorad ownership group. This statement was a repeat of what Fowler previously alluded to during a Voice of San Diego podcast. The Chairman of the Board for the team has previously stated that he doesn’t hear the clamoring for the full-time return of the brown and in fact has heard more fans ask for a return to the PCL colorway, which is an amalgamation of black/navy/red/cream/orange/white depending on what specific year you’re referencing.

The call for the return of the PCL colorway(s) was thoroughly debunked by the excellent and incredibly detailed research done by David Marver (@ChangeThePadres) of Gwynntelligence fame. By executing an algorithm to cull data from Facebook, Marver was able to determine that public favor leans heavily towards the aforementioned return of the brown.

We at Gaslamp have also conducted our own research as well: back in 2013 Jonny Dub and Jbox conducted a survey on what readers thought about the Padres uniform set. The results of this survey were overwhelmingly in favor of the return of brown as well.

And now I throw my hat (hats? many hats?) into the ring and ask you to partake in another survey regarding Padres uniforms. I’d like to gather your thoughts on the Padres uniforms and at the end of the survey’s life will submit the data respectfully to the Padres front office.

Why take another swing at the uniform debate? Simply put, I believe it to be worthwhile. In light of the many excellent surveys and focus groups executed by fans across the Internet, another collection of data can only help to further the cause of finding a definitive color and identity for our Padres.

Below you’ll find the link to 11 easy questions. The survey should only take about 2 minutes of your time and the price of admission is only a Google login to ensure the validity of the results and to prevent double and triple votes.