Can you name the 2017 San Diego Padres?

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Hey, in-state neighbors! I'm Ethan, from Athletics Nation. I started this project last year where I tried to name everyone who played for each team around the league, and decided to do it again this year.

How's your offseason going? Good? Bad? Boring? Counting down until the A's visit to San Diego like I'm doing? However things may be right now, you should try to name everyone who played in a game for the Padres this season! I'll be posting these once per day, Monday through Friday. I'll be going in order of record from worst to best, and if necessary, I'll wait for teams to get eliminated in the event that anyone pulls a Mark Kiger and makes his debut in the postseason.

Check back each day to see the updated list here!

If you want to play last year's roster quizzes, you can do that too.

Entering last names is all you need. I included nicknames as acceptable answers for a couple of players.

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