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Tomi Lahren is, or at least was, a Padres fan

Gage Skidmore

I stepped away from Twitter for an hour or so while I was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and when I returned I found a bunch of tweets about some football game along with some retweets which revealed that a political commentator who recently rose to popularity is a Padres fan, or at least was one to some degree a couple years ago. Tomi Lahren, who has made a name for herself in the past year with right-wing hot takes, tweeted a few selfies from Petco Park in 2014 while wearing various articles of Padres apparel. I'm not sure who first discovered these and got them back into recirculation, but it was likely done by someone who was looking for old tweets which contradict her current on-air persona, much like the 2013 tweet that went viral earlier in the day (before she deleted it) in which her younger self had a very different view about hard work than she has recently expressed.

Seems she was pretty excited for the trade deadline over a month in advance, judging from her request to "get me a player". The third hashtag is one of those that would really benefit from CamelCase, as it's left open to interpretation whether she means "Love SD" or that she "Loves D(efense)".

This one was tweeted over a month later, showing that it wasn't just a one-time trip to the park. There may be other tweets that depict her rooting for the Friars, but these were the only ones that came up in a search of [her twitter handle] + "Padres", and if there are others, I'm not going to be the one who digs around to find them.