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Tony Gwynn got the call from the Hall ten years ago

San Diego Padres

The Padres insta’d a video of legend Tony Gwynn accepting his call from the Baseball Hall of Fame. It happened on this date in 2007. I would have missed it if I had not seen Gwynn’s son, that we know affectionately as Anthony, share it on Twitter. I wasn’t aware there was anything good on Instagram.

Tony Gwynn Jr. says after seeing the video that this was the first day he realized his dad was serious, when Gwynn Sr. would say he wasn’t sure if he’d make it into the Hall.

No joke, when Gwynn is told he’s been selected he gets choked up, so did I. And I’ve seen this video before. I wasn’t quite prepared for my emotional response. Look at his left hand shake as he holds the phone. Kills me.

2007 seems so long ago now. We got the opportunity to ask a few questions of Gwynn, the day before he got the call on January 8th. I remember his office was really cluttered and he was working a spit cup. But most of all I’ll remember his total and complete confidence when I asked if he could still hit MLB pitching.

The greatest Padre to ever live.

Here’s a longer version. “Well mom, your son’s a Hall of Famer”. Got me again.