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Padres broadcaster Ted Leitner celebrates his anniversary of arriving in San Diego

Padres broadcaster Ted Leitner has been around so long that he had to remember his own anniversary. No one else would. Leitner arrived on the San Diego media scene on January 29th, 1978 and he hasn’t stopped talking for 39 years.

He started with KMFB and Channel 8. Leitner was part of the Golden Age of News and he found it to be quite lucrative. He recently told Channel 33’s podcast:

“To show you how wonderful it was I started for $30,000 in 1978 and 10 years later I was making $1.5 million.”

Those weren’t the only benefits either.

Leitner confirmed this fall that he’ll continue broadcasting Padres games in the 2017 season with young Jesse Agler. If you want to remember him when he was a bit more edgy and critical of the players, watch his segment from 1988 and let the memories wash over you.