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Padres release Promo Schedule and fans are disappointed as usual

MLB: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres released their Promotional Schedule last night via Twitter. It’s strange that the team’s last few announcements have been released under the cover of night with little to no fanfare. It’s like they too are embarrassed of their product. The fan reaction to the Tweet was not favorable. In fact I don’t see one positive review.

To summarize, fans want to know why the Padres are giving away the same boring retread blue and white promotions, when they want brown, bobbleheads and a lot more creativity. They also want to know who’s responsible, presumably for revenge purposes.

Sadly, I agree with the fans on all counts. There is very little of interest to me on this schedule and the Padres should be doing better. As usual the blame belongs at the top of the organization. They’ve said time and again that they are depending on winning in a few years to appease their increasingly disgruntled fan base. They’ve proven that they will not put any effort into any kind of marketing, branding or fan engagement because future wins will solve all of their problems. This is what happens when ownership and high level executives aren’t interested in the other core responsibilities of a being a Major League team.

As for the items, the Padres and Puppies calendar is always kinda cute and the Hoodie made of t-shirt material is a good way to keep the sun off while at the beach, but other than that I can’t say there’s anything I’d even bother taking home if it was handed to me at the entry gate. What’s the point of carrying around an oversized t-shirt or an ugly ball cap all game when you’ll never wear it?

And for f_ck sake, enough with the fedoras. Have you ever seen someone under the age of 80 wear one, outside of the giveaway day?

I’m not even a fan of bobbleheads, but baseball teams are expected to give them away. I don’t care if executives think they do well or not, it’s your responsibility to give them away. Sorry those are the rules, just like selling peanuts and hot dogs.

Padres Jagoff compared the promotions of other clubs and they are shockingly better at doing their job than the Padres. Since the ownership obviously doesn’t care maybe they should hire someone that does, so they won’t be bothered by such trivial problems as satisfying their fans.